Britain’s Most Secretive Black Ops Unit DECLASSIFIED! -

Britain’s Most Secretive Black Ops Unit DECLASSIFIED!

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In this video we’ll take a closer look at Britain’s Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR), a unit shrouded in even greater secrecy than the Special Air Service (SAS) and Special Boat Service (SBS).


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Voiceover by: Marty Ravenel


00:00 – Introduction
00:20 – Origins
01:31 – Purpose
02:28 – Elite Training
03:51 – Recruitment
04:03 – Stockwell Incident
05:12 – Covert Missions
05:43 – Operation Ilois
07:49 – Libyan Mission
08:05 – SRR Ambushed
08:29 – Outro


  1. Bet they're in Ukraine and even hopping over the boarder to Belerus and Russia.

  2. Can't say too much but I am a tier one operator with the SVA……. Sal -Vation-Army Xmas attack unit🖕🖕🖕🖕

  3. I used to know one of them (sadly deceased). He said it started as the 3rd Field Survey Unit and infiltrated NICRA in 1968, then the IRA. He was behind the barricades in west Belfast and set up and ran Radio Free Belfast for C company Belfast Brigade IRA. The intel gained by this saved many lives by stopping the IRA from setting off several bombs.

  4. Quite accurate description of the SRR. The only inaccurate part is that they are Tier 2 SF the same as 18 signals regt and SFSG. The Tier 1 is SAS and SBS.

  5. Great warriors… it's a pity that they work for their evil government…😈

  6. The UK Special Forces are indeed Famous, Existing for weeks or even months hidden and undiscoverable, more or less
    The unit mentioned here is simply another Special Forces unit. They exist in the UK, appearing as Homeless, or Tramps, or Drug Addicts on the streets
    Terrorists are the Target, and most people will never have any understanding of what these Guys and Women actually do. They are the Elite of the World

  7. The det turned into murdering scumbags in norther Ireland so did intel 14 land fru the lot of them conspired with paramilitary organizations to kill men women and children

  8. Credenhill was an RAF base before the regiment moved in and bradbury lines was in a different area of Hereford then renamed Stirling Lines

  9. SRR has become the 'evolution' of (as some have said already) the various incarnations of 14 Int. The Army renamed the unit several times since the 1960's. SRR are given a much wider remit and sources above and beyond them allowing integration much like Sigs or REME. Back in 14 Int days, the focus was very defined. I think that when the govt wanted a unit providing information interception then it tended to be assigned to the Int Corps who in turn widened the scope of 14 and usually renamed it (FRU or SFSU for example). As an 'old timer', I think the unit has a massive need to change its OP and scope with its assignments. For example, the war in Ukraine will have had a massive effect of increasing the perceived value in drone observation and their use in providing very accurate and devastating attacks of limited size. This means that that skill set will have been assimilated into their remit (IMHO).

  10. I bet they'll be more regiments we don't hear of

  11. Envision a sas trooper crossed with a full time technology nerd

  12. My first CSM at battalion was ex 14 Int. That dude had a pockmarked face, didn't smile, and wasn't very happy that this red-ass, fresh out of depot, had just rocked up to his company office, and was on a civvi parachute course without his say-so. Eek.

  13. is this video for real,jez the sas has teirs if oppos to support top tier,blah blah do your homework pep who put.this crap on

  14. Why not kill England first in the list forever by USA spec ops as locals try to kill myself in they lies army if they won't register fight against darkness as I am living in Latvia it is in Europe same as England take they rights away to speak about myself forever so my memories is my not English if they are enemies.

  15. Heard a story of an RAF regt fella who was SRR..
    And some unfortunate indevidual, fancied his chances of upsetting him..
    Basically the SRR chap hit him once and that was that… Wondered if he spat n pissed on him aswell.??

  16. Nice. Would you consider a video on MI6 Increment?

  17. 6th and this is the first time I've heard about the SRR

  18. They all look 30+, don't even need to see their faces.

  19. Wow UK’s special reconnaissance regiment finally got recognized.

  20. The mention of an “unconfirmed” women operate is politically motivated…. If not…. I pitty this units standards

  21. There’s a excellent book title the “Det”a first hand account of selection training and operations in NI. The author Andy macnab also served with them you can read about it in “immediate action”also Duncan Falconer from SBS who tells of his time in the book “First into Action”. I recommend both for a good understanding of the British SF community.

  22. I thought they were going to talk about E squadron for a moment.

  23. Almost tought third one woud bespecial drinkservice or mealservice

  24. G5 8 is the most secretive team in the British armed forces actually, and they take their orders from NATO but are recruited from the very best the UK has to offer… They are also known in some circles as "the Increment". Not many have heard of G5 8 because what they are involved with, you would not believe 👍

  25. I wouldn’t really say the SRR are Britains most secretive black ops unit. For one, they aren’t even black ops. Somebody who’s a black ops operator normally works for a government and are basically part of a paramilitary organisation. The only black ops type that the British has that we know of are called E-squadron who are a mix of all UKSF working primarily for MI6.

  26. I must be behind on info.. never heard of the SRR, glad I have now.

  27. The comment about women is ( apart from anything else a knobhead could produce hehe ) far off the mark …they were all rercruited in mid 1970s from existing British army and naval groupings …trained in gruelling ways ( see my refs below for sources and reliability of my anecdotes ) and then deployed alongside male comrades eg ( Britspeak coming here ) snogging in a bus shelter on a hardcore public housing estate " across the water " as they say but in fact across his shoulder clocking a weapon cache being moved or springing up from …yes…snogging on a park bench to heave the old MP5 from under her working class girl`s bomber jacket into a player`s surprised and prone ribs…books include two written by those " useless females " …She Who Dared by Jackie George publ Leo COoper and One Up a woman in action with the SAS by Sarah Ford publ Harper Collins…titles coyly skating round the fact that they were 2 with " the Regiment " ( you all know that is how 22 SAS refer to each other …never the " SAS " wannabes ) …not in it as members…impossible as yet. Third book is ( as mentioned by title only here ) The Operators by James Rennie …available on Amazon Kindle…very good too and of course by an ex male member of the Det …or 14th Int …
    yes precursors of the SRR

  28. These guys might actually have more training than delta force

  29. I think in a unit like this, women would be crucial as gatherers of intelligence. I imagine the physical standard for women would be different.

  30. But not as Secretive as they once were obviously!

  31. SAS wannabes… many try for UKSF selection, fail and then try out at SRR..

  32. Nowadays the British army are a disgrace to their uniform they can't even defend their own borders with thousands of illegal Immigrants coming into Britain every month in dinkys

  33. Secret as long as you have never heard of Wikipedia.

  34. Country’s need to stop advertising these kind of unit , their missions and all info about them

  35. I worked with the SRR in 2007 for a while, cool guys with shaggy hair and beards and not a uniform in sight. Every day we got our op orders/briefings from a guy only known as "big al", i learned after finishing the attachment that he was their Sgt Major lol

  36. Yea except these guys are dumbasses like tfo

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