Britain’s Most Secretive Black Ops Unit DECLASSIFIED! -

Britain’s Most Secretive Black Ops Unit DECLASSIFIED!

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In this video we’ll take a closer look at Britain’s Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR), a unit shrouded in even greater secrecy than the Special Air Service (SAS) and Special Boat Service (SBS).


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Voiceover by: Marty Ravenel


00:00 – Introduction
00:20 – Origins
01:31 – Purpose
02:28 – Elite Training
03:51 – Recruitment
04:03 – Stockwell Incident
05:12 – Covert Missions
05:43 – Operation Ilois
07:49 – Libyan Mission
08:05 – SRR Ambushed
08:29 – Outro


  1. “We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”

    ― Winston Churchill…Possibly.

  2. Seems like It’d fit more in the Ranger Reconnaissance Company (RRC) instead of the ISA

  3. They must have been trained by coner mcgregor with the ladder to the bus windows

  4. Ok, so lots of pictures changing every few seconds few of which (if any) are of the SRR together with a narrative repeated over and over again often just using synonyms (surveillance, trailing, following) added to some speculation and you think you are learning something?

  5. And who do they represent Britain a country you can't even peacefully protest without the chance of being arrested

  6. Had dealings with them in Northern Ireland in the 70 all I can say is you need big balls to do what they did.

  7. SRR… they're more known than you think..!

  8. 🫡🇬🇧 that's why we are the best of the best

  9. What about the "AA" group? (Authorised Authority )

  10. the SRR wasnt involved in kiling Jean CHarles de Menazes on the underground, the media reported unconfirmed reports as factual, the SRR was barely formed at the time of the murder just a couple of months old,……CO19 are the uk police specialist armed police like SWAT and normal uk armed police, but way better trained normally by the SAS, and SO12 are special branch, aka the sweeny, it was one of their intel teams provided good intel on Hussain Osman….the man they were actually looking for!….but none of the officers from CO19 the ground, bothered to get PID at any point, let alone before pulling the trigger…, even after tackling him in what was described as "a bear hug" they didnt notice it wasnt the man they thought he was, it was purely the mistake of very nervous CO19 armed police officers on the ground, who convinced themselves it was the suicide bomber they were looking for, and that he was going to blow himself up there and then…sad accident or trigger happy police? i dont know, could be a mix, but the intel provided to CO19 was good and the SRR had nothing to do with it

  11. SRR offered technical support does not say took part a big difference

  12. SRR Also known as the Selection Reject Regiment by the SAS

  13. I read the book MRF when it came out. I highly recommend it.


  15. Seems reasonable that the group is relatively small in size as if too large it is more recognizable and would be perceived as easy to get into if larger

  16. Unexpectedly ambushed? Yeah because all ambushes are expected

  17. Be safe, and return home again after your missions, my brave countrymen and women.
    Thank you for your determination to keep our country free.
    I wish you rainbows.

  18. I attended the five day pre selection (selection was 8 weeks commencing at Hightown, Lancashire) for 14 Int & Sy in 1992 at the Int Centre in Ashford Kent. 48 of us started, including four women and an RAF Flight Sergeant; only eight finished the five days; only one finished the eight weeks; not me 🤣. We were known as the Force Research Unit (FRU). The Det was a title that drifted in and out of use. The poor RAF chap departed on day one of the pre. Sadly, his boss at RAF Bruggen in Germany failed to brief him correctly; he actually thought it was all about research! As for ‘Andy McNab’, the less said the better re veracity and sagacity, although he produces first class fiction I’m informed.

  19. Srr are badass pure and simple…people like them make mortals like me sleep well on a night….

  20. Imagine calling for backup……then the Gurkhas arrive

  21. Knowing how the British army works its probably 2 random blokes witn a spud gun

  22. Back in 1988 I was in the SOP troop for the RA. The SRR was what it evolved into. Our instructors were from the parachute regiment and it was hard. Selection week involved a lot of running and each run was longer than the last. I'm surprised that this doesn't mention that Interrogation techniques are taught and practised as it was considered essential back then.

  23. Not long ago a number of British soldiers were taken hostage by rebels in Sierra Leone, the location of the camp was quickly found and contact with an army negotiation team was started, the threat of execution of the hostages and the reputation of drug infused acts of violence and murder made it a dangerous situation..
    Eventually the options ran out and a special forces rescue was launched….. the building which held the hostages was known and unknown to the rebels had been under surveillance for days and had a recon sniper watching the door in case they tried to kill the men as the rescue helicopters arrived….. the recon unit had got in close and observed the goings on long before the rescue was launched…….

  24. They will have to go through 'pathfinder ' selection Most likely

  25. If you need to send in Military in civilian clothes, it's probably an illegal operation.
    That's why we put out Fittest, Hardest, Psycho's in these forces.
    Expendable and Deniable.

  26. The Gurkhas are fucking hardcore! They did a lot of base security for our( U.S Military) F.O.Bs/ Combat outposts. Fierce fighters, the Taliban don't have SHIT on them. Shout out to the Gurkhas! 🤘

  27. Tier 1 UKSF operators (22 SAS and the SBS) are way above SRR. Their life did indeed begin in NI as '14 Int' or 'The Det' essentially collecting evidence for the RUC (now PSNI) countering terrorist related actions by all paramilitary organizations in the Province. Their role, scope and operational reach has, along with their name, morphed into something far more substantial today and a very fomridable and effective orgnaization they are…..but by no means are they above the core Teir 1 UKSF operators. Lastly, where do you think the skill set used by operators in the Province by the Det' came from….SF!

  28. I have heard of them! I chose them as one of the units I was interested in joining if I became a British Royal Marine Commando. I also selected as an interest when applying for the reserves!!!

  29. I'd hazard a guess the 50 UK special forces supposedly in Ukraine will contain a good few SRR.

  30. So they have the same function like Defense Intelligence Agency (US)

  31. So they’re so secretive, you know all about them?…..utter YouTube bs!…..grow up

  32. I wonder how many more top secret black ops units amont top secret units are waiting to be discovered.

  33. And lets remember the British started all this.. NOT THE YANKS

  34. The 14th were balls ,no diss to other sf,all top lads

  35. The Increment is what you need to enlighten us about dude.
    So secretive that even the prime minister doesn’t know about them.
    Made up of the very best of these boys , the SAS and the SBS so chances are they know what they are doing.

  36. I come from a village in Scotland where if you want to see the world you join the local highland regiment to start of at 16 by the time they hit 21 they are normally part of one of the special forces. Everyone in our area don't want to know anything about the capabilities of any of our secret soilders you can ask but you won't get any answers anyway guys would be in the pub with you one day next we would not see them for a while and they would come back and we would ask good holiday and leave it there. We would then take up our last pool,darts,cards or domino's and would be treated like they never left ,cool guys

  37. People go from SRR to SAS/SBS. Not the other way around. SRR is not tier 1. This channel is a joke

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