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Been a while since our last Book Outlet Haul but we saw some ‘must gets’ on the site and hadd to make a purchase to unbox with you guys! Let us know if you have ever ordered from BookOutlet or any other discount online bookstore!

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  1. Been a while since our last Book Outlet order, it was definitely time for a purchase! Let us know what online book sites you love!

  2. You guys should try to read the dexter series by jeff Lindsay

  3. gasp! strange the dreamer is on my tbr for fall! lol pull the plug Is BOTH of those things 🙂 yall crazy 😜

  4. The atlax six is not YA at all. Iliked a lot but neither the caracters are teens, the younger are en ter mid 20´s or the theme/language it´s.

  5. Love watching you two girls! I love bookoutlet! Such amazing deals.

  6. I just read The Club and it was TERRIBLE. Like probably the worst book I’ve ever read. I hope you like it though. It’s just boring; I felt like nothing started happening until page 170 and I wasted so much time getting there. 😅

  7. I enjoyed reading People Like Her so I'm looking forward to your thoughts on The Club! I want to purchase it soon!

  8. Yes I needed you guys in my day! I have my eye on the atlas six for a wile on book outlet 🧐

  9. i love book outlet, its so good but it gets me put in book jail so often lol

  10. Such a good video. When are your next reading sprints gonna be

  11. I loved none shall sleep! It's such an underrated YA thriller/horror!

  12. this was amazing (as always) and the books seem interesting <3 looking forward to many more videos by you ladies

  13. Its (Lay-nee) Taylor 😂

    I think I've read the Merciless and I loved it! It was so dark (for me at my tween age at the time lol) and YES definitely a mix of mean girls and exorcist!!

    Oh my gosh you NEED to read Legendborn ASAP! Its such a powerful read!

    PULLED THE PLUG lol I'm not sure it means what you thought Lauren

    Great video!!!

  14. i crack everytime at the bloopers omg so so good

  15. You both are so pretty wow!! 😍😍💞 I’ve actually never heard of this website omfg??! I’m going over there asap!! 🤩 also, I subscribed immediately! 🎉🥳

  16. Absolutely love your book unboxing! I have Again Again j loved it for some reason put it down so need to pick it up again did find it a bit confusing so maybe that’s why but really excited to pick it up again!

  17. None Shall Sleep is such a good book to read in October – I read it a few months ago and it was so good!

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