Blackout Pogo Remix But It's Double-Kill (Friday Night Funkin' Collab with @StevenDoesFunnyStuff ) -

Blackout Pogo Remix But It’s Double-Kill (Friday Night Funkin’ Collab with @StevenDoesFunnyStuff )

Views: 1028
Credits :
@StevenDoesFunnyStuff Collaborater
@zelfnfreal FLM
@P0goTheDuck Musician
@gamingmax_en Record
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Original Mod :
D’lowing :

Download Mod:

Mods used :
VS. IMPOSTOR ALTERNATED finished demo + BUG FIX (Used For Old White Sprites) :

Ignores Hashtags :
#impostor #impostorv4 #dlowing #fnf #fnfcovers #fnfmod #gamebanana #fnfplayable
Fnf Blackout Pogo Remix cover
Fnf Blackout Pogo Cover


  1. yipee i made the cover with this guy yayyyy- (i uploaded the exact video and got less views than Vastor's)

  2. Nice thumbnail + cover. You are amazing. And is that my recording?
    If yes you forgot to credit me but its ok

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