Betraying my FAMILY in Roblox! -

Betraying my FAMILY in Roblox!

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KREW plays Roblox Spin the Bottle… Who will betray the FAMILY?
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  1. Whoever betrays his leader has no place among us😊

  2. "✨DOLLAR BILLS ✨"

    – ✨DRACO KING✨

  3. Lunar is tha boss tha material girl💅💅💅💅💅

  4. Rainbow you've lost your rhyme You were supposed to say you can try but I will not die

  5. I want to do I funneh favourite colour is also green

  6. I feel like droco and funnel souls always be partners

  7. My favorite part is when lunar says : you know who I’m going for……IM GONG FOR THE BOSS! It made me laugh 😂😂😂

  8. i agree with draco 'dad's' cookies are amazing (it's an actual brand they are amazing 10/10 oatmeal cookies)

  9. I love how Draco avengen for funneh is like saving her sister!

  10. the way lunar just knows the future is just hilarious

  11. What clothes is Lunar wearing because I want them

  12. Mauve is achally a shade of pink with a tint of Grey but it relly looks purple instead of pink

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