Betrayal Now Has VOICE CHAT?! -

Betrayal Now Has VOICE CHAT?!

Holo Raven
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  1. The voice chat does appear to seem very laggy, and if you're in a private lobby with your friends you can probably not have push to talk on and it makes for good games if you know how to hide that awkwardness or nervousness in your voice.

  2. my favorite game is betrayal io its the best😃😃😃

  3. Lol. You were talking, and people in your game can hear.

  4. holo raven they treat unlogged in people like dumpsters

  5. Bro I'm not getting pop up message Wht to do?

  6. This is awesome..but sadly non for mobile users..😞😞

  7. great video! it’s funny hearing little kids voices, solidifies my thoughts that the games are so short sometimes because kids don’t like writing.

  8. how do u get pets because when i press the left and right shift key and p at the same time it dosn't work and also this is my mom's account and i can't change 🙁

  9. what if u accidentally blocked it ????

  10. it dosent work do other video to show me

  11. Um I don’t see the button called “use voice chat”

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