VS Suspects Mystery Mansion VS Hide N´ Seek VS Among Us - VS Suspects Mystery Mansion VS Hide N´ Seek VS Among Us

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Betrayal io VS Suspects Mystery Mansion VS Hide N´ Seek VS Among Us is a game similar to among us, it’s an excellent alternative with many customization option and different maps to play. Betray your teammates as the betrayer, or work together as a team to win as crew members!

Suspects: Mystery Mansion Description

Play online with 9 other real players as you try to solve the murder mystery. He carries out investigative tasks to get you closer and closer to finding the identity of the killers. But be careful, this will not be an easy task: the murderers are among the group and will stop at nothing to “end” the investigation!

Between rounds, you and the other players will argue about who the killers might be. Everyone is a suspect in this social deduction game. Discuss live with other players using the built-in voice chat feature. Where was the body? Where were they? What tasks did they perform? Who were they hanging out with? Who was acting suspicious?

After the discussion, the game will ask you to vote. Vote following your intuition to expel the suspect from the mansion. But be careful: if you suspect another guest of being innocent and kick him out of the mansion, you will be helping the assassins win the game!

You will be able to play with your closest friends or with other players whose skill level is similar, which the game will determine for you.

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