Redeem Codes & How To GET Them! - Redeem Codes & How To GET Them!

Holo Raven
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  1. why can't you just watch the streams and then give us the codes

  2. and your videos are the best they help me get better every day<3

  3. can i get 3 codes and thats all sir please and thank you

  4. Dont wastee your timee,i have checked out all of these streams, but no codes

  5. Welll if i watch them all its could be waste my times

  6. i just want codes to get items, but i cant access twitch

  7. Alguien me puede decir los códigos en español plis

  8. I wish I could access twitch I don't like the clothes or things

  9. Put a video of quest plese I can't able to complete prevent 10 sabotage so tell me how to complete this quest in game.. and in Android how to enable auido

  10. vai caca sapo esses codigo nem funciona

  11. Dude wheres the codes could you give me one pls 🙂

  12. i think the new map is a robot cuz it look like arm

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