Betrayal io - I'm the Sherriff in these here parts!! -

Betrayal io – I’m the Sherriff in these here parts!!

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A few more lobbies of and the newest update added two more roles; Sherriff and Jester. Like Among Us, the Sherriff can kill, but should only try to get betrayers (otherwise I think something bad happens to them), and the Jester just wants to get voted out….I think. Never got the jester role. Enjoy!!

Also trying to get a new gaming headset this week so my sound quality should improve. Fingers crossed!!


  1. i have sent a request can u accept it

  2. Just a Meartian • 1.3M views • 1d ago says:

    New glitch at 7:51.but that glitch it is good for cremate.i hope alpha not fix that glitch.

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