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How to play

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  1. So you can't play this on mobile? Aww man 🙁

  2. People will not play this it's just a bad copy of amoung us

  3. This actually sucks, come up with a ORIGINAL idea.

  4. F yang he is in BIG Trouble dming among us asap

  5. I knew all of this, it was easy and I only lost 3 rounds out of 28 rounds

  6. Sad yang has fucked up real bad this is gonna suck, among us but worse. And just like that other arena bullshit. Idk

  7. whenever the game loads the screen goes black and the guide says it gave 1 error, please if you can answer my comment so I know how to solve this 🙁

  8. When I try to play it has a black screen then put me back to the normal screen

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