but it's Among Us on HARD MODE - but it’s Among Us on HARD MODE

Mr. Fruit
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We’re playing today and it’s a cool spin off of Among Us that’s actually really well done!
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======= but it’s Among Us on HARD MODE


  1. 0:19 my entire life changed thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  2. Among Us but a lazy developer copies it and Pays Fruit to play it.

  3. Day 226 for mr fruit to play pokemon light platinum

  4. Was not expecting that to be so great 🤣👌

  5. "Among Us but…."

    Youtube clickbait is so fuckin old already. Every YouTuber is doing this now. I wish I had the money to create my own Youtube. If I did, I'd make it like YouTube 10 years ago with quality of 2 years ago

  6. Play murder us its on playstore if anyone wana know

  7. I would for sure cop dat mercy but I’m broke as🤦🏼‍♂️😆

  8. This game seems ok but it's a bit overcomplicated. I think the reason among us is so much more popular is it's simplicity in game design and aesthetics. This just my opinion tho if you have fun in it you do you

  9. Lmao at Rhabby still trying to get out of it after Fruit saw him on cams and got Sharkk out. xD
    Anyways, this game looks just as fun as Among Us.

  10. I so badly want that Sus sweatshirt hoodie, but having to pay 80+ is a bit too much for me, I'd be ok with just having to pay the 52+4 for the hoodie+shipping, but customs fees for hoodies are around 30 here and that's just too much for me… Too bad I'm not american at times like these…

  11. This game looks like brawl stars and among us had a child.

  12. But this is a cheap knock off of Among Us, this company should be able to be sued…

  13. Just got the SUS line up T order thanks for all the content Mr. FRUIT!

  14. How are the creators of this game not being sued??

  15. Hearing Bryce's "come check out my merch" in the last second made me laugh.
    Mr. Fruit finding cams first game was great

  16. Fruit im sad about the merch because im a big boi and none of it comes in big boi sizes. Probably getting a sticker though lol

  17. Video Idea for overwatch: Basically infection but it is now Mercy on the defense team! The mercy's job is to revive Reapers that have been infected. Mercy cannot revive the main reaper and has 3 lives. (Has to be killed 3 times to become a reaper) For mercy to revive a reaper, she must melee them 2 times and the next time the reaper that has been meleed dies, they are moved on Mercy's team.

  18. Is there a audio and face cam delay for u guys too?

  19. Mr fruit your friends and u make me happy when my grandpa died I was sad but when I found u made my grandpa feel like he did not died but thx for it Mr fruit

  20. see i should be sleep but i'm watching fruit at 12 instead of sleeping for school

  21. Rilla! Now you just need Toonz and Delirious!

  22. Why did i think you were playing roblox bro 😭🤚🏻

  23. "Because The Game Let's Me Dab"
    -Shark 2020

  24. Ey Mr.Fruit, DO MORE VIDEOS ON THIS I LOVE IT!!!! Also thank you for introducing it to us I’m gonna play it! 😋

  25. You dab you die. Let this be a lesson to you all.

  26. I love you Fruit but let go of the among us tit. Why is every game you play a different among us

  27. Yess finally fruit makes a content of betrayal .. plus yey dorkkkk uwu


    I found this working mod few minutes ago after last patch
    use ▶️ now I am Imposter all the time

    හා අරියසපි ක්‍රීඩාපි ක්‍රීඩානිර්QD

  29. I would just like to say that I thoroughly enjoy your content Mr Fruit. I discovered your channel during this pandemic and have watched almost everything you have uploaded in the last two years, Golf it, Speedrunners, Pummel Party, Funemployed, you name it….Love the diversity. Keep it up👍

  30. I wouldn't mind more of this. this pretty good.

  31. I don't like this game as much as Among Us because it feels too serious. The characters don't bob merrily like they do in AU. And starting a meeting isn't as exciting as pressing the button in AU. But I appreciate you showing us this game

  32. NGL it's super fun!, but people just WILL NOT PLAY.

    Maybe I had a bad hour of queues, but people were leaving the game almost immediately after dying, and the crew was not doing any tasks.

  33. Game looks fun 🙂 I'd definitely would watch you play more of this.

  34. It seems a little too uncanny for me. However everyone else is free to enjoy. But this game is not for me.

  35. I'm calling it now, the "whoa stepbro" and the instant apology is getting memed!

  36. Best drip of 2020? Lies. The Fruit-san line was better
    Hold on, first Ohm, then Delirious, now Rilla? Fruit's circle is expanding again

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