but it's Among Us on HARD MODE - but it’s Among Us on HARD MODE

Mr. Fruit
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We’re playing today and it’s a cool spin off of Among Us that’s actually really well done!
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======= but it’s Among Us on HARD MODE


  1. great video but among us is definitely better

  2. I’m by no means an innocent woman. But hearing Fruit say the “step bro” line… I’m shooketh.

  3. I can NOT believe you got away with that kill haha, reactor could have won you the game… next time! 🙂

  4. among us and game like this reminds me the art of spychecking 😀 (TF2) "scout is dead, one of you is spy and now we will find out"

  5. I really hope this game doesn't get popular so it doesn't ruin among us

  6. Gonna be honest, kinda surprised Dork didn’t make his iconic death noise when you killed him fruit.

  7. This is such a great game. I need to play this with my friends. Hope to see more content with this game

  8. I'm surprised there's not a copyright problem.

  9. I like this game. It's like among us on steroids.

  10. Do you guys have discord and do you play with viewers

  11. Its just a less cute Among Us and less brutal

  12. when you restart your pc cause you think the audio issues are local but dont bother to check the comments….. smoothest brain in the west here fellas

  13. I laughed way too loud when Ohm got voted out after the vent kill at the end

  14. The game looks like it was made for this group

  15. Sir, Mr. Fruit, this seemed like a cool game kinda would be down to see you play it again

  16. Playing a ripoff game from a studio known to ripoff games :/ Not cool

  17. Wasn't expecting much from this game, but I'm pleasantly surprised

  18. Please please please play more! This is the advanced Among Us content we NEEEEEEEEED!<3

  19. Can we get more of these please!!!!

  20. woah, i cannot stand this.
    among us was out for 2 years, then it got popular, and then this pest of knock off devs suddenly jump on the hype train?
    don't support this. just kills the last bit of creativity devs have.

  21. I saw a few of these on Bryce's channel and immediately felt betrayed that you hadn't posted anything on them yet! I hope to see more ^^

  22. I will never get tired of Sharkk and his JoJo references

  23. I only created this so that I can comment ! says:

    Isn't this just Among us just less charming

  24. Oh sharks dead
    1 minute ago: Shark was ejected

  25. oh i wasgoing to give the game link but nvm

  26. That game was released in 2014 among us was released 2018

  27. Im an og, (of so i searched up the name of the game and (thank god) this popped up.

  28. Mr.Fruit can you play suspects and also really cool video Mr.Fruit.

  29. im trying to play but i cant, it takes me back tho the main place

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