but aliens can ABDUCT YOU!? - but aliens can ABDUCT YOU!?

Mr. Fruit
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We’re back playing today and it’s a super intense game where the aliens nearly KILL US ALL!
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======= but aliens can ABDUCT YOU!?


  1. This game is a blatant rip off of among us. How are these people not getting sued?

  2. Is it just me or was there no nuzlocke upload today? Is Mr. Fruit okay?

  3. fruit having his character dab while saying "YEET" took years off my life

  4. I love his posting schedule, it’s always the perfect timing, like I get bored and wanna lay down, the first thing I wanna do is watch YouTube. And then I see him upload another golden video, and it’s just perfect. Thanks mr fruit, your a 🐐

  5. Goril adındaki yeni adam çok gürültülü çok saygısız, diğerlerini dinlemeden sürekli dudu dudu konuşup herkesin sözünü kesiyor, o nerden çıktı ya?

  6. Hey Mr. Fruit! Hope you are doing well! I just noticed you didn't upload the new Pokémon video, I just wanted to make sure you're doing ok! Take all the time you need! Stay safe and healthy! Love your videos! Btw a name for a pokemon would Aremir (air-e-meer).

  7. Maybe it’s me but games like Among Us can lead to the streamer equivalent of “6 degrees”.

  8. Who else was stressing about not getting one of his merch😱

  9. Who else was stressing about not getting one of his merch😱

  10. Bryce: would you say you were faking a vent

    Me: votes bryce


  11. Fruit has now played with Bryce, Ohm and now Rilla, the next logical step is Cartoonz and Delirious… You know what to do Froot 😉

  12. M Birthday is in the 5th and the merch end the 5th

  13. Damn, at the last second of the first game rilla was in view when you were in the vents.

  14. 0:47 I finally enjoy life because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  15. Hey fruit. Did you know alien isolation is the original among us? You should give it a go XD

  16. The tasks does seem a bit more time consuming than among us, hopefully they make it slightly easier soon.

  17. please play Satisfactory Mr. Fruit. It's a fun game where you build cool stuff and make satisfying automated systems

  18. Bruh its been a week since among us was last posted im dying


  20. Oh my God we are getting close to Cartoonz and Mr Fruit crossover and I NEED IT

  21. i feel like aong has a =risen a new game genre all together

  22. I only created this so that I can comment ! says:

    Isn't this just Among us just less charming

  23. Bruh Shark made a JoJo reference with his character

  24. I saw rilla you could have won that first round as imp

  25. Aggghhhh when fruit vented rilla was thereeeee. He could've killed himmmm

  26. How did fruit miss rilla's name near the end there lmao?

  27. sooooo is Fruit gonna play this instead of Among Us from now on?

  28. Speaking of the map and 3d characters this game is visually better then among us

  29. I like your new chill vibe Mr.fruit, I've watched a lot of the old videos, rocket league most recently. Great character development.

  30. When the Among Us rip off is better than Among Us… The aesthetic, the tasks, the large map, the sabotages, the "blind" ability; it's just Among Us but better. I kinda wish the developers of this version did a Mod for Among Us instead of stealing the game.

  31. what is the name of the music at the end??! im looking all over for it

  32. If you play more of this, you gotta move the facecam so we can see votes

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