Bayek Displays DEI Unity To AC Shadows Yasuke -

Bayek Displays DEI Unity To AC Shadows Yasuke

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  1. PUTIN & Russia just released their proofs of Black Jesus therefore.. this video game debate is Lite 😊

  2. Bayek deserves a trilogy. Im tired of one off main characters. Origins was the last AC I played, and his performance was great.

  3. I'm just tired of the 2 character system and the outrageous pricing for games that have dlc codes built in hidden behind a paywall by preordering it. I still think Ubisoft fucked up by making Yasuke a playable charatcer right away instead of An npc assassin to dlc expasion like Freedom Cry and Adewale. But then again they needed another controversy to allow such a scummy business practice. Im also worried about the characters being written poorly. Because Mirage was a poorly written story for a few characters. I probably wont buy it until it goes on a sale for the gold edition. But then again i want the collectors cause i wants the stuff 😩

    I'm just tired of both sides fighting over something so dumb. 😒

  4. It is clearly a DEI move to have the female protagonist and yasuke insert, I can agree with that (the woman has a more masculine look to her face and they're stating that they may have some LGTBQ+ relationships in-game).

    BUT the response of the go woke go broke crew to Yasuke as a historical figure and rearing their racist "We Wuz Kangz" to "We Wuz Samuraiz" is just blanket racists b.s. Attempting to disect and re-examine any shred of online evidence of the historical figure and demean and demote him to what they're more comfortable with. … that being:

    an amusing pet black monkey that was a slave.

    That's what you are in sports, in music, in academics or walking the street. Any endeavor you take up, don't look for validation, because to non-blacks, you will always be just an amusing monkey. A byword. A spectacle. A proverb. An astonishment among any nation you live. This is YOUR cross to bear. (ALL puns intended).

  5. Also yll need to stop bringing up Nioh, and the last samurai, as examples this doesn’t compare just because they’re all in the same place doesn’t mean they’re comparable context matters.

  6. I don't know how/why this narrative keeps being parroted. Outside of the extreme minority these types of folks love to laser focus on to use as an example of the majority, most people aren't "hating" black or whatever (insert type of person here). What people "hate" is the (what should be obvious) pandering. More specifically, people hate that they are very blatantly just ticking boxes (usually via race or sexuality) in order to use them mostly to peddle their horrible products and/or business practices vs. having them be actual fleshed out characters.

    The irony of these types of situations is that those complaining about things like this want the obvious pandering tickbox black, white, asian, etc. to be treated with respect vs. blindly accepting/promoting bad business and/or a mediocre (at best) products in general. Simply put, there is a right way to do something and there is a wrong way to do something. Those that are complaining aren't being "racist". They just have higher standards. Those that are blindly accepting black man cuz black man are for all intents and purposes the "problem" as it were. Why settle for them being an insert with zero personality vs. being an actual fleshed out character?…..

    In closing, black is beautiful. Hell, most people would even tell you that the design for him is badass. However, going off Ubi's and Sweet Baby's track record, it's not an "insane" thing for those of us with some sense to be worried and/or voice criticisms of the bs they are likely to pull; specifically while using "diversity" as a shield. Rather than dismissing everything as "racism", why not actually look into the stuff people are saying vs. going with whatever assumptions/narrative you have?…

  7. Bro, I'm white. I don't know who had an issue with Bayek being a medjay in Egypt, but it wasn't me 😂 Contextually that made total sense. Yasuke however, does not. It's nothing to do with race, that's just a card people like to play when they don't have an argument.

    As for whether Yasuke was actually a samurai or not? That is unconfirmed – there is no solid evidence, so it's left up to interpretation. This is a fact.

    Regardless of whether he was a samurai or not, people's main issue is that he's been shoehorned into a position that takes away from the history of that time, and the Japanese people who shaped it. In my opinion, they should have went for a Japanese male in a Japanese story. No one would have wanted a white dude as protagonist either. It just doesn't feel right.

    Anyway, that's my opinion on it. If there are any actual racists against this, they don't represent the majority. If you believe every single person who disagrees with this is a racist though, then that's just a cop out and you're being disingenuous.

  8. wtf is a dei? 🤣🤣im so out of the loop

  9. DEI ESG be damned. CANT WAIT FOR US ALL TO BE RACIST FOR NOT BUYING THIS GARBAGE. Honestly yall should be mad that you're a check-boxed community, that a corporation considers you to be the lowest common denominator. And with hold funding and are ineligible for awards. If certian requirementsare not ment. I could care less the race of a character that I play, I care about the why. The why is important and it begets the lie that they push. Immediately awakening those willing to see the truth. No longer are games made for the story and the creative gameplay, they are made to Propagandize and sell a message of an all-inclusive socialistic society and anyone with wrong think is canceled, fired, or discredited. The fact that a lot of you guys are still hung up on race, pull the race card, or jump to victim and systemic oppression. It just shows how weak your arguments truly are..
    Truly the left is full of deplorables and incels. Gender confused gender bending cant create anyrhing original, the steal bend and twist otherwise perfectly fine established characters to characterise them as somthing they are not. At this point you all are ignorantly blind or willingly ignorant. Wake up brothers and sister. They do this on purpose. Even bad news is good news, changing wiki, and britanica pages to actually conform to the games story. Now hes also a gay cuck samurai..and androgynous waman is well you know. 😂😂😂❤❤😂😂 🎉🎉
    Yall have lost the plot. And its sad that media and corporate brainwashing has worked so well. Not to mention the educated who are more or less the indoctrinated at this point. Mindless plebs of the state and ideology they conform to. Like a loyal football team..

  10. shout out to all my people who getting the game just because of the racism

  11. you called this nigga a DEI alumni. i’m disliking bro 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Truth is they just don't like black male characters in their video games, that's not what they're used to, and that's not what they grew up playing as. Unless of course that black male character is a side character, or comic relief, you know things of that nature.

    And 90% of their complaints is a smokescreen to cover up the fact that they just don't like black male characters in their video games. Just listen to their complaints, 10% of it makes sense and 90% of it is just hypocrisy, bias, favoritism, hatred, and down right racism.

  13. Them egypains wuz black not dat white boy on the screen das rite we wuz kangz

  14. Why don’t they just be honest, they dislike us, unless they benefit, or adds to their convenience.. and, all the cool stuff 𝘵𝘰𝘰.

  15. Yall really love misrepresenting the other side huh? No one was mad about Bayek. We LOVE Bayek. Everyone wanted a Bayek sequel instead of Odyssey. Bayek makes sense for a game set in ancient Egypt.

    Imagine being Japanese waiting YEARS for an AC game set in their own homeland, just for the only male character to be the ONE black person that was in Japan for not even 2 years. It would be the same exact thing as having a game set in the Mali Empire, only to play as a European visitor or some shit. It would be dumb as hell and yall CERTAINLY wouldn't let that fly. You'd think with how the entire internet spread the whole "stop Asian hate" message, that Ubisoft would make two Asian dual protagonists, but no. They only care about money and playing all of you by your emotions. You see one black guy and notice people don't like it, and yall automatically suck Ubisofts dic

  16. First off everytime there was a black person in a game these racist got upset with Halo Agent Locke, GTA San Andreas, Battle Field 1, the game where you control all the electrical devices (can’t remember the name) and many more. These people get pissy at everything. But Nioh was a white dude and nobody gave a damn

  17. I’m buying the gane no matter what❤️

  18. I think that in a game about ancient Japan, they chose to make a gay black man the central character alongside a seemingly Japanese woman and make them LGBTQ+ was stupid. I'm not really concerned about them making Yasuke a samurai because it's just a game, make him whatever you want – DEI took a shit all over this game and for that, they won't be getting my money.

  19. Did you hear 👂🏾 that Yasake or the protagonist are now LBGTQ now… 🤦🏾‍♂️ even when I was going to get this game. Now imma really going to get it even moar 😂 black gay samurai xD 💀. Oh the people/developers are going crazy 🤪

  20. Incel Bigots at it again. COME OUTSIDDDDEEEE.

  21. LOL, i bet japanese gamer people who live in Japan accepted the game right? are they going to say they dont know their own culture and history and some white dude and woman with mental problems know more than them? for god sakes their consultant to Yasuke is a Japanes woman with Narrative position who wrote books about Male to Male fantasy in medieval times with adolescent boys, and she said in the interview that All Japanese people will accept Yasuke as a represnetation of Japanese Samurai Spirit, what's the Japanese reaction? 5k likes with 42k dislike, that moron think she speak for all Japanese people when shes not

  22. Don’t let these race politics distract you from the fact that UBISOFT’S CEO doesn’t want you to own your games.

  23. No one was mad that Bayek is black on AC Origins lol what. Anyways you always see criticism and automatically call some racist for it and I find that crazy. Yes I’m upset about Disney changing characters skin color just for joke bs if you want to represent colored individuals just create new characters. Plus honestly I stand with the “get woke go broke” because at least they don’t have double standards if there was a white samurai you guys will be mad too. There hasn’t been any evidence that Yasuke was a Samurai however there is speculation that he was a retainer which is a body guard but he could of been samurai but there’s nothing saying he was or was not.

  24. The dei stuff is obviously stupid. As long as the story is good who cares. I like the idea that they are using an outsider to tell the inside story. It makes sense from a storytelling point of view.

    The other issue I have is people saying ac is a bad franchise. After replaying all the games since pandemic of all the main line games the only one I truly disliked was vahalla. Every other game was at least good and most were great. Both odyssey and origins were great. Mirage was a lot of fun. I’m excited for shadow. Fuck the feelings of the ignorant incels.

  25. I’m ready to suffer again using claws in Elden Ring

  26. In Japan, instead of differences in race, people point out the oddities in things like building structures being significantly wrong or the usage of emblems being different, which create a sense of dissonance in the world. Since UBI is upset, let's just say we've been "to be isekai'd" into a wrong version of Japan. (LOL)

    If they are going to feature an assassin, they should use hidden clans like the Imbe clan, Kamo clan, or Hata clan rather than Yasuke. The theory that the Hata clan are ancient Israelites fits perfectly with Assassin's Creed and ties in with the story of Assassin's Creed 1!

    Given that Nobunaga is connected to the Imbe clan, it would make sense if they based the story on that.

  27. I want to play as a fictional African samurai character not as a historical figure.
    Am I problematic?

  28. I love when they say "but we love this black character from this tv show, book, movie, game"
    NO. You mfs hated those characters when they came out. You just dont hate them as much now. Complain about Nioh or stfu.

  29. Why hasnt Bayek got a trilogy?

  30. Just a reminder that out of all this bullshit AC Shadows is still #1 and #2 in pre order sales in both Japan and America.
    And that's only off of a story trailer with no gameplay yet.

  31. Most Japanese people don't know about Yasuke. I'm amazed at many foreigners who have never been to Japan believe the myth that Yasuke is famous and admired in Japan. Why don't they realize they're only getting lip service?


  32. If AC chose a story, region or period that was actually historically impacted by a black person, then there would be no backlash. People don’t like cultural appropriation.

  33. Assassin creed shadow is a #1 seller in Amazon Japan , please make a video about this!

  34. People are really being FULLBLOWN RACIST in your chat and it’s crazy! But I can’t say I’m surprised smh.

  35. I think people are not mad that there is a black character and a samurai game but it’s just the political climate and race baiting. They’ve been putting into video games and shoehorning gender swapped in color, change the characters in assassin. Creed went downhill a couple games ago.

  36. I was at work. And I took my earbuds out so I could switch to my car speaker and all I heard was “nobunagas monkey” 😂😂😂 I screamed lmao

  37. I think people talking crap are high on meth 😂

  38. I swear yasuke is Joe Frazier they did him dirty bro

  39. it is irrelevant of he was a samurai or just nobonaga's pet.

    we know the only reason they picked him, was color of his skin.

    characters in ac games were always fictional , with historical characters around them.

    but they choose yasuke , because they unironically are racist and they can't see anything beyond skin color.

    as a side character, he could have a outsider perspective in Japan.

    he was a warrior in India before going with missionaries to Japan.

    they could have shown him as African warrior or Indian warrior in feudal japan .

    they could have shown his African culture, (or Indian) , but nahhhh
    that's not good enough, he must be samurai.

  40. Ok I m gonna call the elephant in the room… Bayek is native to the land hes living in which is North Eastern AFRICA, and hes also a fictional person, and also hes not BLACK, or depends what you mean with the word black, he skin has a darker shade from people living actoss the sea in the European continent yes but well let me break it down to you, his skin is yet lighter than the person in this video… so really not sure what you on about. Yasuke is a historical figure who actually was never a samurai… and well… if you think that a person with black skin in a country full of asians makes a good assassin… I would be upset even if the main character was a person that resemble a protuguese… it just simok6 doesnt make sense how more simple someone needs to maoe it for you? If logic is racist in our days then I am afraid for the future…

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