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Avoid MEN Who Want 50/50 Relationships For THESE 7 Reasons

Stephan Speaks
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AVOID Men Who Want 50/50 Relationships For THESE 7 Reasons… I will explain why you should avoid men who want 50/50 relationships in this dating, love, and relationship advice video. One of the reasons to avoid men who want 50/50 relationships is they show reluctance to compromise and work through challenges as a team. Pay attention to this relationship advice video to learn more about men who want 50/50 relationships, and ensure you watch the full video.

Men who want 50/50 relationships point to an unwillingness to adapt and grow within the dynamics of a relationship. 50/50 in relationships hinders the establishment of a truly fulfilling partnership. Embrace this relationship advice to learn how to avoid men who want 50/50 in relationships.

I want to help you avoid men who want 50/50 in relationships because men who want 50/50 in relationships show a lack of understanding and appreciation of shared responsibilities and mutual understanding.

As a certified life coach, relationship coach, and dating coach, I want to make dating and relationships easier for you. I pray that you find this video helpful and that you can enjoy dating and have a fulfilling, healthy relationship.

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I hope you enjoyed my video “AVOID Men Who Want 50/50 Relationships For THESE 7 Reasons.”

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  1. Lol I’m kidding he’s outta my league!💕 I say that with luv this man has helped me get my mind right many times I can only imagine all the people he’s helped in his life time❤amazing

  2. Never again will I do that. Our deal was I cooked, he washed dishes. It never happened. Finances 50/50- he never paid a bill on time and we were always overdrawn. Between working and putting in 15-20 hrs ot to make enough to be able to do 50/50 and being exhausted emotionally and physically & having him call me a sloppy wife because I wasn't proper wife material it was a loose loose situation….Those were the darkest 9 years of my life.

  3. You have completely called me out on this video!!!!!! 😔

  4. I'm married & my new husband initially said he'll pay the bills, you can work if you choose to. Anything you make you can do what you want with. He said he wouldn't be able to make payments for the house I own until he sells his house. Alright, fair enough. It's been 2 months so I brought it up. He's eating groceries, living in my home, & he's not contributing with any cleaning, bills, chores like the yard etc. He then said that he expects me to do more house work since I'm home more. No discussion, he just told me what he expected. He said he's paying the mortgage in a few days & said that if i need him to do anything to write him a list. On the list i put mow the back yard & weed whack both the front and back yard. I'll mow the front yard. There are weeds taller than i am & I'm 5'4". I'm trying not to feel resentment, but it's really getting to me. I brought it up kindly & his response was, well i only mowed once a month at my other house. I explained that the grass needs cut once per week because my son from a previous marriage likes to run through the sprinkler. It will need done more often. He said he'd have it done by Sunday- yesterday- I got home from working overnight & nothing was done today. I'm feeling even more resentment if I'm being honest. We have 2 dogs & I'd like the yard kept up with because when poo needs picked up it would be nice to be able to see it! If any of you have an idea what i should do fire away. My husband is passive aggressive & I'm at a loss.

  5. I haven't even watched but based on the title I gave a thumbs up👍

  6. I think any woman that listen to this shit is a pick me. You don’t need to study men or change yourself to get a man. Live your life , go to therapy, work out , and if the right come your waygood. If not it’s okay, only you can make you happy. Don’t waste your time on these stupid videos. Read books think for yourself!!!

  7. I rather be dingle for the rest of my life than do 50/50. I wasn't raised to be in a 50/50 relationship.

  8. I would like to hear this discussion in the context that the woman makes significantly more than the male partner

  9. Amazing video! This message needs to spread like wild fire.

  10. Or if the women is paid more he feeling less than a man and jealous now

  11. 50/50 is a scam, theres no such thing as going halves equally in a relationship because someone is always doing more. Men can’t carry a baby or breast-feed and being a single parent as a Mom with no father/Man in the house is hard af!

  12. Where do you get this train of thinking ? Nothing you said is true there are plenty woman that makes more money than a man so should she pay more if she makes more ? Some men love to cook and are the primary cooks in the house some men can’t afford to pay rent all by themselves and need a partner to help pay the bills

  13. People need to know that 50/50 doesn’t exist and it’s simply going against evolution between the masculine & feminine dynamic. Thank you soooooooo much for shedding more light on this topic!!!

  14. What about the women who have their own house, two kids and the man moves in with her? Most of these videos talk just as if the kids are shared and the houses belong to the both.

  15. 50/50 will end up being 100/50 for the woman. She will be overly stressed especially if they have kids.

    Even look at Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade. He makes 3x more than her but they split everything 50/50. In the recent interview she did, you can clearly hear her say she feels vulnerable in the marriage as she does not feel taken care or provided for. She does not believe that Dwayne Wade will have her back if her money is tight.
    That is a shame for a “well to do couple like them”

  16. Basically stay away from dumb guys. Because if they are misunderstanding what 50/50 means they the problem not the 50/50. There is nothing wrong with 50/50 relationship as long as the people understand what it means. Feeling of doing more is in ALL relationships as long as there is no common sense or empathy or care for the other person. Many relationships are like that where people just want to take but not give.

    50/50 just means equitable . It doesn’t mean rigid split. It means staying aware of each others needs. A guy maybe working 4 hours making a lot of money on that time and do nothing else leaving the woman to handle everything else kids, homes, schedules,
    cooking etc. That’s not a superior relationship because the woman is doing too much and the guy altho paying all bills is doing nothing else. Those relationships are miserable too and roommates too because the guy is demanding I want my sandwich right now I pay all the bills to someone who has been running around with kids and chores. So basically stay away from people with no common sense or empathy.

    So I don’t think it shd be stay away from 50/50 relationships because those relationships aren’t 50/50 relationships . I think stay away from rigid people Eg people who say my only job is to provide. You need balance and flexibility and partnership. If the guy is paying all bills they will have all the power and often abuse it. If the women does everything at home that’s not good for either . If they share their burdens in a common sense way that’s better

  17. I don't necessarily think 50/50 is wrong. It depends on what the people in the relationship want. I do however think that men shouldn't have a problem financially supporting the women they love. You have so many man babies on the internet crying about having to pay to take a woman on a date.🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

  18. Women don't want 50/50 but want equality with the man and that's what does not work.

  19. This 50/50 foolishness is for weak men without a purpose and selfish! They don't deserve a wife or a woman! Men who are selfish like this should remain single and childless! In my experience, men who haven't prepared began to feel inadequate because of their arrested development! Not sure anything will ever change, unless we women demand more!

  20. The issue with the celebrity couple is he don't really love her or women like that for real! IJS He said what he said because he knew she would respond like she did so she can pay her half! Because he ain't taking care of her and never intended to. She is a darn fool for falling for the okiedoke! Just to say she has a man!

  21. I do not want a 50/50 relationship. I want a provider, protector, husband, lover, friend. Nothing less!!

  22. Steven everything you said is the honest to God truth! Balance is definitely the way to go.

  23. I can agree on a lot of the points but, I feel there has to be terms, and flexibility. Cause, from what I seen, when the wife stays at home, has no career, and just just does “housewife” task. The man as his career progresses begins to stumble upon women who has a more interesting life, more things going on, ect which is where in most cases we see the breadwinning husband sleep with his assistant because he’s bored with his woman. Or, if an argument happens he throws his power around to keep her in check. I’ve seen this happen to others, and because my mother was a stay at home. I also see why 50/50 is rough, cause she doesn’t have much time to be in her “feminine” energy. All-in-all I believe everything starts with proper conversation, and intent.

  24. No whoever has the most logical conclusion on what to do should have the final say so for the situation! Most of the times it's the woman!

  25. That's why it should never be 50/50 relationships!! It should be 100/100!

  26. A man does not provide or protect for women naturally!! He only provides and protects for his own self interests, in order for him to feel like a man! Men are selfish by nature!

  27. Couples who understand geniue love and sacrifice will not talk about 50/50.There are so many challenges we face in life that may require one of the spouses to make more sacrifices than the other. eg when health goes down.

  28. The thing about 50/50 is it’s never 50/50.

  29. I agree for the most part, but I have to credit generations of ancestors with force teaching women to do things “the right way.” So now we are finally realizing that men can/should do an equal share of household chores, but they were never trained that they should do the entire chore or how to do the chore correctly (yes I realize some men are pretty good, but we’re discussing generalities).

    So now you’re in a position where if you attempt to correct the man, he will probably take it personally and say to let him do things his way.

    But, sir, you actually should clean the sink when you do the dishes. You should wipe down the kitchen counter every time you use it to cook. Use the correct cleaning supplies for everything. Then clean off the cleaning supplies when you’re done.

    Lol. These are just examples I have heard lately.

    To everyone, do your share, and do it right or you are creating more work for your partner.

  30. This is the most insightful commentary I have seen on this topic from a man ever. It’s one of the most insightful commentaries I have seen ever! ⭐️

  31. I knew a girl who made half her boyfriends salary and was paying half the rent. It’s weird cause we were both financial counselors and I told her you aren’t paying 50/50 you are paying the majority of the rent

  32. I've never done 50/50. My husband provides and pays for our housing and major needs. He asked me to marry him and should be the provider. I didn't mind helping with small bills and putting money into our savings account. He retired me at 52 and he now pays for everything.

  33. This is so accurate. This is the reason for my divorce 😞

  34. I like reciprocity and equality so i only do 50/50. I ain't nobody's meal ticket.

  35. How do you pick it up when you are dating. Dies he have to pay for your bills and his . Help a sister

  36. I did 23 yrs of 50/50 everything under his name and he made twice as much as me. I lost it all with no savings when I left. Literally took only my pillow and coffee maker. But today I make more than him so God is good. No hate on him though. I'm just at peace and that's invaluable.

  37. Thank you for this reminder! I was starting to think it should be 50/50 bc of others.

  38. I think the problem may be that some men grew up in households where the mom was doing a lot more, made more money than the father and did more house work too. So my ex grew up like that and pretty much expected the same of me. It was the only relationship I’ve been in like that and I never want to do that again! I never felt safe with him and for good reason! Best to find out the family up bring fast when you meet someone and figure it out! Thanks again for the confirmation! 🙌🏻❤️🙌🏻

  39. I just got to the 23:00 mark and you just answered my thoughts! Just bc it may work for his parents, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you!

  40. A “brokey”‼️Stephan is crazy. 🤣 I agree that when a man is in love he wants to provide and protect for his woman so that she will honor, respect, and hold him in high regard. He values her and wants to give her the love she deserves and reciprocates to him. He knows he’s blessed to have a great woman, which is rare. Listen to Stephen ladies. 😌🗣️Preach

  41. Ideal balance is somewhere between the woman contributing in whatever way she finds meaningful (which the marriage minded man will find beneficial) and being completely dependent on the man… also be willing to adjust accordingly based on age, children, economy, health…

  42. What’s crazy is I was in a 50/50 relationship with a man. I thought It was going to be okay. But it was the absolute worst. I began picking up the slack making way less than him and really started resenting him. I eventually began to not have respect for him and not wanting intimacy. I had my own bills and we split every bill down the middle. Ladies do not do what I did. Those two almost three years I watched my mental physical and emotional health take a huge toll. Not only was he not keeping up with the 50/50 he we also cheating and abusive towards me. I left and didn’t look back!!

    Don’t fall for men who believe in 50/50!! Especially when they’re doing dirt and abusive on top of not being a provider.

  43. Men weaponize incompetence which is why women pick up the load instead of finding men that can lead her so she doesn’t have to believe she has to do it herself. Most men don’t realize to be a good “leader” you need to know how to be a great student which means you are open to learning even if that’s by a women

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