AUG You Serious?? ft. Halifax & Swagger - chocoTaco PUBG Erangel Squads Gameplay -

AUG You Serious?? ft. Halifax & Swagger – chocoTaco PUBG Erangel Squads Gameplay

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In which there’s a game crash and then another game crash and then an AUG and it’s all pretty exciting. Enjoy! – Beth


“DuDa” by Ian Post, from

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  1. Intense games now, tons of players alive late game!

  2. Хочу предложить челлендж.

  3. I have to ask why push up in the scenario because you have a truck on you're left and those couple huge boulders.. Just curious and love you're videos as always man!


  5. I hit thumbs up & liked the video even though my like made it 421.

  6. here I'm gonna do a thing
    Hi youtube
    Good morning ALL😊

  7. OG :)) cheater killed you guys……….. that`s why i left the PUBG community , still full of cheaters!!!! gg choco and team!!

  8. We’re all here to watch you do a thing 👌🏻

  9. Should have listened to swagger at the end he warned you guys 😂

  10. Why doesn’t Choco ever grab cheek pad for kar98?

  11. I absolutely HATE Choco's attitude when it comes to his crashes. There are tens of if not hundreds of thousands of people who have zero issues with crashes yet somehow it only happens to a select few streamers. What a legend.

  12. His headshot knock at 16:30 is EXTRMELY suspect considering he was aiming at the opponents chest and then he obliterates a guy who had superior position seconds later when, despite blasting my sound, there is zero reason to think the enemy was in the spot he was.

  13. Choco there is a fix you gotta reinstall it via the fix every other month ya douche bag. You uninstall , delete all steam folders of pubg in the common apps , then delete the files in your local for pubg or tsl or whatever it is. You're wrong just fucking wrong it fixes it.

  14. did noone told choco about grips or does he prefer the new vert?

  15. @chocotaco you can show|not show your helm and kelvar in your inventory btw… thats maybe why you didn't kill him at the beginning he got a helmet

  16. Ok choco we know you’re throwing finishes to make it like you’re struggling with the return to pubg narrative but we are all too smart and know you’re playing this game with your audience. Just give us the wins we wanna see.

  17. I don't think that was random grenade. I would throw bunch of nades into bunch of smokes if i see them.

  18. hey choco, are you possible came back to play valorant? in future?

  19. Great game as always! Regarding crashing i have seen several people advice to disable the NVidia overlay, because that is what causing the problems.

  20. Easy normal, easy kills. Why don't you play Rank?

  21. Anyone else wish the Macca did realistic speeds?

  22. I like this all it used to be was win win win win but now it’s a still good games but not all the time a win

  23. D
    😀 well i love your playstyle and seeing u enjoy pubg and a side from that crash is a common thing i suppose you kindly change your settings(i think that will help) not simply set everything to max settings 😀

  24. Your team was on the ropes but you bounced back to almost win the game. Good job

  25. The way he collected ammo, attachments and meds…was like Kung Fu Panda stuffing dumplings in his mouth 😂 don't worry Choco their is enough to go around 😂

  26. choco the washed pubg streamer shading wacky lol. classic

  27. There was solid cover behind a rock in the zone, definitely pushing too hard against the last team

  28. i like how choco is so calm even when the game goes bad.

  29. His looting is very very bad, utilities are just there but he doesn't pick it up

  30. Is it my screen or is this gameplay darker than normal?

  31. why am i with a bad pc: I5 9600H and a GTX 1650 + 8gb not crashing help

  32. What's he talkin stream sniping is my probably..

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