Another Riveting Round of BOT OR NOT ft. Swagger, Halifax, & VSNZ - chocoTaco PUBG Squads Gameplay -

Another Riveting Round of BOT OR NOT ft. Swagger, Halifax, & VSNZ – chocoTaco PUBG Squads Gameplay

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In which (spoilers) they’re usually bots. But hey, we haven’t seen VSNZs in a while, so that’s exciting. Enjoy! – Beth


“DuDa” by Ian Post, from

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  1. got so excited when i saw vsnz in the team!

  2. Why aren't they have tactical gear box with drone, repair kit, etc?

  3. Love the passive aggressive response in a lot of Chocos videos.

  4. loved the Armageddon-like ending. Really wanting to do that. Nice one Hali!

  5. Swag is not happy because he is not reentering the game😋😋😋😋😋😋

  6. I love you Choco. Watching you play pub brings back such nostalgia. You're awesome my dude

  7. having bots in game lose it purpose for being a hardcore game

  8. one of the players name was accused black guy lol… that tickled me a little 🤣

  9. Choco tea-bagging that guy was hilarious. At first I ddin't think I was seeing it right and then he said it hahaha

  10. PUBG and DAYZ should be working together. The mechanics are so much better with PUBG, but the gameplay that DAYZ provides a whole other game style. PUBZ would be gnarly.


  12. Swag is awesome.🤣 Gets knocked out everytime.

  13. Can you please play with hollywoodbob instead of Swagger? i feel so anxious while watching how he plays

  14. Legend says swagger is still looking for his vest.

  15. 10:40 "I don't care about being seen on the other side of the wall" choco was the one that taught me this when he used to stream pub full time😂

  16. Choco making new videos of PUBG PUBG…now my life is complete again.

  17. Warzone 2 was way more fun than this. This is lame.

  18. what a finish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! g-dang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. So loving dayz vids, but always such a treat to see choco and friends playing pubg. 👊💙
    What a great game, with such good energy! And.. wow Halflax C4 ending 🔥😁

  20. Something about this one video is that it’s a little blurry, can’t read player names and fine details. It’s not like that on his other videos.

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