AMONG US GOT SOME COMPETITION | | w/ @VuxVux ,Ohm, Bryce, Swag, Jihi and more -

AMONG US GOT SOME COMPETITION | | w/ @VuxVux ,Ohm, Bryce, Swag, Jihi and more

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Betrayer/Crewmate Gameplay


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  1. the map is wayyy bigger than it is on among us which makes it harder for the crewmates to win

  2. Is this game in any way sanctioned by the Among Us people?

  3. Its plain that Ghosting vented also right behind jihi……don't know how u didn't see that🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  4. If Jihi is there you should post up her name for top billing. You will get more people showing up quick.

  5. Dude, that was probably one of the greatest games I watched. 🤣👌🏽 you're outro is probably one of the best ever on YouTube.

  6. What the?!? Among us rip off?!? Damn what a rip

  7. Well we all can assume Bryce getting probed

  8. That last minute betrayal from chosen!

  9. I love your videos. You're so funny and your uploads always make me feel better

  10. this is just an almost exact among us clone lmao 😂

  11. Dang I didn't know chosen was a good cook because he marinated Rilla for a long time

  12. I like how nearly everyone brought their characters over from among us into this game

  13. Chosen slow cooked Gorilla and savored that kill damm.🤣🤣

  14. Eventually, you and the rest of the gang are potentially going to play 'Unfortunate Spaceman'

  15. It’s literally a Carbon Copy of Among Us with one of the Only differences being visual. Making a clone type game isn’t an issue but at the very least more often than not there are differences to the story, mechanics, objectives, and NEW features. This game has very few new tasks and my main point is if you applied AU graphics to this game it’s literally AU with a new map… In my opinion not cool, it takes a LOT away from what the AU Devs created

  16. I dont understand how u see jihi vent but not ghoostie that popped out the same vent right behind her then stood next to you

  17. That was epic marination ..he calmly stood alone with you didnt kill you to throw you off wowzers

  18. Bruh some shitty copy.can't give compitition to the original

  19. ouhhhh this game is interesthing. The map looks HUGEE AF

  20. You were so focused on jihi that you didn’t see ghoostie behind her?!!!

  21. Ain’t no fucking way u didn’t see ghoostie vent behind jihi u musted have did that for extra watch time 🤦🏾‍♂️

  22. I've been legit trying to hours to find the outro song. Does it not exist lol?

  23. Still fun to watch but, man, they could have at least tried to not make a direct clone…

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