Among Us... but UFOs gave us AMONG US 2?! 🛸 | (ALPHA) -

Among Us… but UFOs gave us AMONG US 2?! 🛸 | (ALPHA)

Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer
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I found a new game called which almost feels like Among Us 2!
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@VuxVux @BryceGames @gorillaphent85 @SwagDracula Ghoostie, Jihi, Kyle, Chosen


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  1. Like this game a lot has more creativity than among us

  2. 19:18
    Jihi: Are they taking away your organs ?

    Jihi is so cute and bloodthirsty XD

  3. Finally i haven’t seen dracula in so many years

  4. What's the difference between this game and Among Us? , Aside from the graphics

  5. Y'all look like you had fun,but this is a rip off of among us.

  6. Nothing beats among us, especially it’s simple art style makes the game too funny when dumb stuff happens

  7. I’d recommend people to not even give this knock off Among Us attention.

  8. this is just lazy game development. Just an exact copy of Among us with a different art style and a few new features and changes. Not saying it's bad coz it does look decent to play with friends but come on

  9. more of this please. and yeah with cartoonz,squirell and delirious too

  10. I hope ohm and the others play this game again i kinda like it more then among us

  11. This game is better than among us. I think everyone should play this game instead.

  12. Lol i really like this game it is so cute and funny

  13. Blue Rabbit Entertainment AMV Official Channel says:

    Well the game seemed nice then i saw the stupid dance stuff that got added now it is just shit. Among Us is still better.

  14. Please do another one of these ohm👍 ITS really fun to watch

  15. This game is the epitome of how to copy a popular game, but make everything different enough to not be hit with a copywrite…

  16. This game is straight up ripping off among us

  17. honestly, for a "Ripoff", it has a lot of different thing that make it a different game. I would love to see more of it since it's different enough from among us

  18. Someone mind telling me what Bryces problem is? He did this ish before to that's why cartoonz and delirious and rilla and ohm stopped hanging out with him the first time. I mean seriously what a narcissistic dick. Trying to out your other imposter. Get out of here..

  19. "It's almost like an upgraded Among Us"

    Not space-beans? Objective downgrade.

  20. I like this game WAY better than AU! More of this please!!!!!!!

  21. Ohm to top left corner: alright we are playing betrayal
    Top left corner: nah it’s among us and it won’t change

  22. Ohm: (To Dracula) DONT FLOSS ON ME! flosses


  23. Jihi: (to Bryce) R THEY TAKING AWAY UR ORGANS???

    lol her voice is so CUTE

  24. Ohm you dont have to pretend to be shocked & intrigued by all the things that you already know from AmongUs 😭

  25. Why can't games nowadays do what TTT did….have VOIP but mute people that are dead, then there wont be any accidental stuff or rage call-outs

  26. This game isn't exactly bad itself, but the original Among Us, I feel, had better animation. But this wasn't too bad, as I said before. Either way, I love the content. 👍

  27. so must better then among us. love the art style 9/10 and the blind is awesome to 🙂

  28. Am I the only one that hears the happy wheels victory sound when it says betrayer

  29. Ah, of course. Just like the trillion Doom clones, the trillion Diablo clones or heck, the trillion PUBG clones…

    Now, there is usually a game that does it better than the original. Like Torchlight or Dungeon Siege for Diablo, or Carmageddon for Need For Speed.

    This game… Has the potential to be that. Let's hope it doesn't fail. Too many PUBG clones out there just run on bots and pricy vanity items, while giving no real improvement to the genre, so they tend to fall quicker than a newbie going for the military base.

  30. All Chosen had to do was go to the other side and kill one of them and blame the other one cause Rilla already trusted him he woulda won!

  31. 🙁 im just gonna say out of crazy mode, I joined you, and I had the bell on I dont now what did wrong bt I never got one notification about your lives, maybe caffeine has its own bell, but I left….

  32. The original is sooooooooooooooooo much better

  33. We had such a fun time playing this new Among Us style game, now the question is… do you want more!? It's impressive what the developers have done in such a short time, and given that it's in alpha right now there's so much more they can do!

    Btw guys, do me a favor, be sure to check out the past few videos if you missed them! World of Tanks went up last night, had lots of fun playing WoT w/Stabbies! 🙂

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