Among Us But Ghosts Can KILL! [NEW MAP -] (ft. Mr Fruit, The Dream Team, & More) -

Among Us But Ghosts Can KILL! [NEW MAP –] (ft. Mr Fruit, The Dream Team, & More)

Bryce Games – Bryce McQuaid
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Among Us is back, but this time Ghosts can KILL! Come see if we can survive as we play more (New Map)
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  1. Bryce, that was a great long video! That cool from time to time!

  2. 😀😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. I love how Dork totally defended you and voted for himself. FOR CONTENT!

  4. I adore this game! The characters and the tasks are so fun, and this is my favorite map! It makes me a happy little haunt 💜

  5. The Supernatural reference made me love him more

  6. Me: Can we get Among Us?
    Mom: No, we have Among Us at home.
    Among Us at Home:

  7. The new map looks haunted and wonderful and sus.

  8. I still have no idea how many kitties there are but I dont care

  9. yeeeyyyyyy dork is back OwO .. make more of this vid with dork classic gold :3

  10. Plz play more of this game cuz i like these kind of games

    Bryce's memories of a past life where Dork tried to protect him when he was the Imposter are resurfacing…

    EDIT: Ahhhhhhh I finished the video… I see now that this is not a one-time thing XD

  12. Bryce over here trying to pin the kill on me! It's okay still love ya.

  13. I wanna buy the sus hoodie but I don’t have enough money qwq

  14. Aliens looking sus!! Love watching you Bryce!!!

  15. Clock : exist
    Bryce : is that a personal attack or something??

  16. Can we stop clickbaiting and calling this game among us please?

  17. Wow I love the art style in this version, super different but still super awesome

  18. yeah theres a ink task in libary room

  19. Love tbis better then amoung us do more

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