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A Story Of Betrayal!!! DayZ Rearmed US2

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What’s Up Everyone, Welcome back to my channel. Thank you for clicking another video. In today’s video I bring you my latest adventure Recorded Here on Rearmed US2 Deer Isle. We started from nothing and quickly rose to riches while also exploring some of the great landscape that Deer Isle has to offer. All was going well for me, but unfortunately tempers ran high for some of my team mates. From having different play styles and lack of back up during certain hours of the day a few players on the squad started to turn on each other. This sadly ended in one of the players on my team Betraying me and the rest of the team by giving out the codes to our base which lead to us losing all our hard work to opposing players on the server. All in all I had a great time non the less and I hope you enjoy the video.

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  1. that would have been the perfect revenge story…

  2. Idk why they were arguing but everytime my groups do personally loot, the team argues, gets over protective, and someone insides. Damn near without fail it’s the rearmed way, but sick video broski 😎

  3. JRob, Do you livestream? I can’t find you on Twitch

  4. hey man great vid man. im srry for what happen! keep it up and play with the real ones!

  5. I hate Rearmed, it's a lag fest even when it's not full pop

  6. Bro I could tell since the beginning who was going to end up putting yall in a blender tbh fr just the voice gives a pos away tbh

  7. I been in this situation before one time one guy close to me came to me with stuff he had heard from the guy that was going to back door us

  8. We asked him to log in so we can give him a nice kit this pos logged in so quick we killed him on site and changed base codes lmao

  9. If you’re making content bro I suggest you keep everyone around except everclove under a microscope one bad egg can mess up your whole wipe

  10. sad story but good way to make a better story, and damn shes getting better every vid im proud of clove

  11. Jrob I saw booslag on us3 and asked him where you were he acted like he didn't know you and I was wondering why and now this explains everything

  12. he prob told them to raid it so it dosnt look like you were insided lol, freak loser

  13. Happened to me too in one of the servers I played brotha, its wild but it happens. Onto the next! Loved the video!

  14. How do most of you idiots make dayz rearmed rich with pvp lagg

  15. What a piece of trash.
    Here is the thing.. Sure it is a damn virtual pixels on the accauns that we dont even own.But ppl forget that behind every character is a Real person and when someone does shit like this is just Disguising to me. What a piece of trash…

  16. Jrob! shoulda showed the rest of the fight near the water at 43 mins hehe. good fight 😉 nice vid as always

  17. 11:04 how do u heal without holding an afak first and still holding the gun?

  18. Man what bastards, if you need players man im always free

  19. Jrob u can drop pouches off Armour. Put the armour in ur inventory then drag puches over instead of emptying them out.

  20. there is also a easy way to heal using hotbar instead of swapping to afak and u can reload mags holding R if u have ammo in ur pockets. Or make some ETG so u can heal when ur on AFAK timer

  21. just got to the betrayal. honestly we've all been there. My best advice brother is find a team you are ok with SHARING loot. everyone needs to access to the same loot or it doesnt work right. Its all good to have ur personal kits but every1 needs to feel apart of the team.

    Personally id rather die and die and die over and over then put hours in for a team that doesn't recognize it. A lot of players dont understand their is a llot more to Rearmed than normal DayZ. There is a lot of comp. But all in all Great video and honestly man just run u and everclove until u find someone solid

  22. i got insided yesterday aftyer playing w him for 2 weeks

  23. im from flipflap team, thanks for base!!!💪

  24. Brotha Jrob, now you can say you have fully experienced the true dayz experience. Getting insided sucks but how you bounce back is what makes you legend.

  25. Damn gg on that supressed timby bro I’m Phoenix at the early part of the video lol dirty drop shot

  26. Learned a long time ago personal loot with big teams never ends well.. started doing community loot awhile back and not only have bases been 10x more stacked but dmn near zero drama within the group

  27. Been insided twice, once lost everything second time only a few tappers.

  28. @pvtjrob how do you make those thumbnails??

  29. Wow pos. Dude I'd be pissed. He not only screwed the guy he had issues with over but everybody he didn't too. That's bs.

  30. I really like these server but the lag is truly insane… been like that for years at this point. Really wish they could get it sorted out. Also love your content but the fights can sometimes be painful because of said lag. Not sure I have the patience to deal with that shit but I’m glad you do! Cheers.

  31. yo, you need team on us2 now? didnt live that far from you

  32. @pvtjrob We had a good run brother. Until the next time. -Uncle Paulie

  33. Bro I shed a tear when I realized it wasn’t a raid can’t believe he did that over issues with a teammate

  34. Love the content bro sorry that happend to ya hope u have fun on the next one

  35. seems like tht shit ass server has more lag then not.
    good story as usual.

  36. no way, i will find him and avenge you brother.

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