$5.000.000 USD GRAND FINAL !!! TEAM SPIRIT vs LIQUID - RIYADH MASTERS DOTA 2 - hecticspace2.com


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$5 Million USD Best of 5 Grand Final, Team Spirit vs Team Liquid Riyadh Masters 2023 with Cap and SVG.
Winner will take $5.000.000 USD.
Team Liquid are the most consistent team in this year, they are always qualified to the Grand Final and they also always lose in the Grand Final. This is their chance to denied their cursed in Grand Final by win The Riyadh Masters 2023 against Team Spirit.


  1. Liquid gayfans?? Where are you??? Hide yoursleves in embarrassment. Sad intro chokers

  2. Bring Matu back to pos 1 and they'll have a chance at TI.

  3. Yatoro is such a good carry player. Literally defines the whole word "carry"

  4. Every time dota 2 have high prizepool they always win 😂

  5. Micke used to be such a good carry hope he gets his shit back by TI

  6. I love the solo plays of liquid😂😂. Do it again in TI

  7. last year, Team Spirit got 2nd place after defeated by PSG.LGD in Riyadh Masters, but win Arlington Major afterward. This year, Team Spirit doesn't have any notable run on 3 majors, even got knocked out by PSG.LGD (again) on 1st knockout stage in Bali Major. Then they win Riyadh Masters this year, when nobody expected it (even me as a fan). Congratulations Team Spirit, you got $5 mio prize and at least one trophy this year!! next journey, TI 12!! Win it!! Don't let your TI's journey ended up like last year!!

  8. Great Finals! So many close plays! Only downer is the video producer of Riyadh Masters. You really choose to show random people walking around the venue during clash? haha freaking potato!

  9. Man yatoro is someone u wish u have on ur team as a carry. I would even put him on top of ame or ana back then.

  10. I am glad that IO + LESH strat is finally defeated. Congrats to Team spirit

  11. Micke going for a solo kill cost them the game what a throw

  12. zai qlao siempre anda solo .. q wn mas malo

  13. It is unbelievable. Liquid is the new old LGD. It's in every final, it's the favorite of many, and it looks like one of the best teams in the tournament, but in the end, it doesn't win, just like the old LGD.

  14. Micke is not really on the top 5 carries, without zai or nisha. They will never go this far.. And yatoro is on god mode now approaching TI..

  15. Who is the world's worst carry 23 or miki? 😂 easy for team spirit.

  16. I love it when Liquid continues the Legacy of Secretk😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 No champs for you dude😂😂

  17. lol idiot team liquid won't win anything

  18. Im not surprised if they kick micke, This guy always get carried by nisha and zai

  19. That micke throw at the last game tho. Disappointing to see that when you’re looking for an exciting game ender

  20. Team Spirit is the only team who will give Liquid the infamous IO x Lesh combo and defeat it by a non-meta hero in Troll Warlord 😂

    Yatoro is by far the best carry in todays dota. Congrats TS!

  21. If ana is the goat carry, yatoro is on par with miracle and matu.

  22. the amount of people clowning on micke and liquid.. they made it to grand finals in 5 out of 6 of the tournaments this year. if you're not literally #1 best in the world you're dogsh apparently

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