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2024 Election Prediction – Practical (& Realistic) Opinion

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Today, on this very special episode of The Ranveer Show, we welcome Ruchir Sharma. He is an investor, author, fund manager, and columnist for the Financial Times. He is also the Chairman of Rockefeller International and Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Breakout Capital, an investment firm focused on emerging markets.

In this episode, we talked about the current political scenario of India and what are his views towards India’s economic growth. We talked about the subject of economics, the views of extreme left vs. extreme right, the work of the previous government vs. the work of the current government, the reason behind China’s extensive growth in the 80s, India in 2020, his opinion on the BJP government, and much more.

This was a geopolitical special with Ruchir Sharma where we delved into all the economic and political aspects of the nation. I am pretty sure that we have found another all-star for TRS. I hope you will enjoy this amazing episode and do share your thoughts in the comments below.

#geopolitics #election

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  1. Win or lose Modi us is a fool confirmed in this election

  2. Pakistani civilians had today punished two Christian families in sargodha. Those opposing BJP politically perhaps want similar secular policies as in Pakistan

  3. He is congress sympathetic and trying to portray as if congress bjp same so people can even vote for congress ..until yesterday he is saying bjp loosing indirectly and now he is saying allies are not doing..

    He reminds me Yogendra yadav

  4. He. Is pro congress ranbir you are now more of. Pro. Congress. I am not liking your podcast now. I want to. Vote for pro Hindus and pro. Indian

  5. Maharashtrians just wanted to ask your opinion on the winning seats , who would win more in the state especially in Mumbai ?

  6. BJP will do a slightly better performance than 2019
    BJP may able to increase 15-20 seat
    .from their previous performance.

  7. Plz open tea shop again, not suitable for pm position

  8. Good informative & frank , he also talks on vendetta politics on corruption, but how do we explain the huge money that is being caught by ED in raids ? Parties openly support these politicians & continue to be minister & CMs , bad for Soren, had he not resigned he would have been on bail like Kejriwal. Courts are loosing balance to be seen as politically correct. Wrong message to public

  9. Ideology is a commodity. Should be traded in the Exchange

  10. Modiji has gone beyond his speech connect with people. People know what he has done, what difference he has made and what he can do. Modiji has to translate in many south states. But the biggest outlier in south — Kerala — will upset all predictions — and the lotus will blossom in a big way.


  12. for sure modi alone sans bjp will get more than 441 on his own… 272 in lok sabha and 169 in pak national assembly. 2029.. yogi will get majority seats in bangladesh and myanmar.

  13. I am from AP…. after 2014 I was sceptical about modi …all I knew was modi did gujrat roits….2019 when modi won again…..i put my ego out and analysed why modi is winning….and became a big fan of modi …balakot…UPI…banking in the hands of people where money from top directly to beneficiary, toilets, Indians living headheld high in many countries these may be small things but changed lifes of many…I want to vote for modi but can't….so all I can do I am voting for NDA Chandrababu naidu…who by the way is very similar to modi in development issues

  14. This man has suffered from the scorching heat, so he dint get anything from the ground. Or he is lying .

  15. Call whoever or do whatever you people want 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Modi will be back on the 4th of June . We all know that. Period

  16. Boycott ranveer show…he is becoming one sided… subramanian swamy interview…now this shallow…

  17. UT had betrayed the voters.what abt that.He came to power due to BJP.& dont talk abt SP.l8felong betrayer.power crazy people

  18. BJP peaked out in 2019 due to Modi wave .. common sense tells you BJP will lose seats due to anti incumbency. the numbers from ground coming are BJP 200 seats India alliance 307 seats

  19. UP BJP winning maximum 32 seats , Maharashtra 17 seats Rajasthan 13 seats Delhi 3 seats Haryana ZERO, Punjab ZERO, West Bengal 14 seats

  20. Practical & realistic!!!!
    Ha ha ha
    Other than good English, nothing.
    Absolutely a hollow guy with no content and he is into a belief that narrative he sets is be all end all.
    Great useless theoritician.

  21. Andhra Pradesh people don’t know about the centre this is ridiculous

  22. Living in Novotel in every state in india is not representative😂😂😂

  23. 1:42 That's exactly why Rahul Gandhi has no connect with any damn Indian anywhere, he doesn't know malayalam or tamil or Hindi (properly) or Bengali or Kannada o telugu ir Gujarati or Assamese or Pahadi nothing only italian and chapri English

  24. Ghooma beta ghooma aur ghooma , bjp haaregi iss baar

  25. Bhai aap bharat me ho india me nhi to please Hindi me baat Kiya kro

  26. If Hindus want to live in Indian them please vote fod bjp otherwise you will facing problem like WB today.

  27. Bjp will win

    Just like the way,, the way Chandigarh mayor election

  28. Propaganda till 3rd june aayega to modi he

  29. Just say some good about your country or post an puja video or praise the mighty of our armed forces etc .
    Immediately u will be labelled as andhbhakt,sanghi,BJP agent ,gomutra pine wala etc etc .
    These people dont understand that by doing this they r unknowingly pushing the centerist ,fence seater,new comers towards rastravadi fold .

  30. New Congress is different, I like that they are promoting young politician ahead.

  31. Your One Vote can save India’s Future 🇮🇳
    As we all are seeing, our beloved nation is under critical threat of becoming a dictatorship –
    ❌ Media is sold out
    ❌ Manipur is burning
    ❌ Farmers have met with rubber bullets and tear gas for demanding their rights
    ❌ Our Olympic wrestlers were beaten up for protesting against a rapist
    ❌ Opposition Leaders like Arvind Kejriwal and Hemant Soren have been jailed without any proof
    ❌ Supreme Court Judges are under pressure
    ❌ ED & CBI have become puppets for BJP’s Washing Machine
    ❌ Rapists are celebrated with garlands
    ❌ All corrupt and criminals are in one party
    ❌ The Biggest Scam in history of India – Electoral Bond Scam was hidden from public

    We are the world’s largest democracy, we must preserve what our freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Netaji Subash Chandra Bose and Gandhiji fought for. Let’s not lose this legacy for a power hungry politician. It is very important that we the people of India wake up and take action before it’s too late. We must:
    ✅ Vote for Education
    ✅ Vote for Farmers
    ✅ Vote for Women’s Rights
    ✅ Vote for Wrestlers
    ✅ Vote for Jobs
    ✅ Vote for Schools
    ✅ Vote for Manipur
    ✅ Vote for Ladakh
    ✅ Vote for a Leader who can give unscripted interviews
    ✅ Vote for a Leader who has courage to give press conferences
    ✅ Vote for a Leader who doesn’t give fake guarantees of Jumlas
    ✅ Vote for a Leader who is educated and humble
    And most importantly:
    ✅ Vote for Democracy
    ✅ ✅ Vote for India 🇮🇳
    *Remember*: If India becomes a full dictatorship,
    ☠️ Your voice will be silenced forever
    ☠️ Social media will be fully controlled by government
    ☠️ No protest on any issue will ever be allowed again
    ☠️ What you eat, what you wear, what you watch, will all be controlled by the government
    ☠️ Anyone who raises their voice will be Jailed
    ☠️ India will become like North Korea
    But your one vote ☝️ can change this all!
    ☑️ Forward this message to 100 people. Let us create a big chain and reach all 100 Crore voters with this message!
    Jai Hind 🇮🇳

  32. Upmarket guys deal with the street guys ever? Elections are decided by bread-and-butter guys and not stock experts?

  33. Go to Tamilnadu-christians have names like Ramachandran, Srinivasan, Murugan etcc,,.

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