😬🕷 || Beware of the spider In Betrayal.io with Krew! • ꒰Betrayal.io AU꒱ • ꒰Krew skit꒱ - hecticspace2.com

😬🕷 || Beware of the spider In Betrayal.io with Krew! • ꒰Betrayal.io AU꒱ • ꒰Krew skit꒱

「 Mitsukii-! 」
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Good day my little marshmallows (my new nickname for y’all🤩) hope you guys enjoyed the video! And sorry for the late post 😅 I have been a little busy the past phew days, and are you guys Gonna stay for Krews new reaction video??? Because I am 😎 try and keep a look out for me in the live chat (if you can 😂) Anyways, have a good rest of your day/night my little marshmallows 😀

Video Audio From: – @ItsFunneh
Outro Audio From: @• Mitsuko ツ•

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  1. At 1:11 where funneh was just like bun nun da dun and I think it was rainbow who saw funneh doing that and laughed that's my favorite part and 1:22 nice video

  2. Oh and the I'M DEAD at 0:12 and :0 funneh at 0:13 and the plans if I don't finish my tasks because I'm toxic at 0:23 and the I just wanna see one of them die there's no way only me can die at 0:26 and the lunar I swear to you don't go upstairs we are not up and funnh's just like Oh wait that's dumb at 0:45 and she's crazy she's crazy at 0:54

  3. My one thought is that I’ve played that game before

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