🔶 AKU BETRAY RYAN!?? [ new content 🇲🇾 / ft.@ryanCH ] betrayal.Io part 1 🔶 - hecticspace2.com

🔶 AKU BETRAY RYAN!?? [ new content 🇲🇾 / [email protected] ] betrayal.Io part 1 🔶

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  1. tapi adakah anda lucky jadi impos lebih 2 kali saya pernah hehe

  2. be careful if you play as betrayer because if there sheriff in game that will be hard for win as betrayer

  3. so The Jester is a Role Goal is to get voted out to win if jester win betrayers and crews losses, Sheriff Role is a crew who has the ability to kill anybody but his goal is to kill betrayer if he kill a crew he dies too

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