【INDIES: ELEVATOR HITCH】two bros, sitting in a lift【Mado Channel】|| #ENVTuber #VTuber #indievtuber - hecticspace2.com

【INDIES: ELEVATOR HITCH】two bros, sitting in a lift【Mado Channel】|| #ENVTuber #VTuber #indievtuber

Mado Ch. – Cactus Fairy VTuber
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today, i’m playing elevator hitch – the newest horror game by the same creator of “cold front”! im sure there’s nothing wrong with this lift whatsoever, right guys?

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Model, Overlays and Live2D Rigging are all done by me!

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Live: madocast
Fanworks: madopieces
Fan Name: Prickly Pals

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✿[Viewer Rules]✿

Above all else, I am an entertainer! I love chatting and interacting with people, but please don’t expect me to become your parasocial friend or for me to influence the way you think. I am just a silly little cactus fairy doing her best. Nothing more, nothing less.

✿ Be nice – no spamming or trolling while I’m live.
✿ If you do see spamming or trolling, don’t respond. Block, report and ignore those comments.
✿ Talk about the stream, but please don’t bring unrelated topics/personal conversations into chat.
✿ Unless I mention it first, please don’t bring up other streams/streamers.
✿ Likewise, don’t talk about me or my stream in other streamers’ chats.
✿ To prevent technical issues, don’t use the chat before the stream starts.
✿ Bigotry is not tolerated here; anyone using derogatory/discriminatory language will be blocked and reported.
✿ I like to figure out games for myself – so please don’t spoil me on how to play them! I understand that it can be frustrating, but I’ll ask for help if I need it.
✿ Please don’t act thirsty/horny towards me. It makes me really uncomfortable.

Follow the rules above, and you’re free to chat in any language!

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✿[BGM used]✿

Stream BGM: からっぽのおもちゃ箱 by SAKURA BEATZ.JP
Intermission BGM: みるくぷりん by キュス
End BGM: びりびり by 伊藤ケイスケ

Music was taken from DOVA-SYNDROME

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