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I know there’s going to be an update for this game soon, but I wanted to attempt to beat the current record held by Kaela just for fun!

For perspective, her records are:
30036.6m Standard
6623.6m Baeless

…why do you do this to yourself, Sen?

Full credit for this game goes to@davidwusoftdev! He’s made a bunch of other hololive-themed games as well so do check him out!

And if you’d like to play this game yourself, here’s the link!

Some Stream Rules!
1. No backseating please!
2. Be good to each other in chat
3. No spoilers as well!
4. No need to answer my questions unless I say “Real Question, Chat!” I have a tendency to ask rhetorical questions in commentary
5. It is ethical and encouraged to laugh at Sen’s suffering

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Intro Music: Castlevania II OC ReMix by Nostalvania: “Simon Says: Let There Be Jazz” [Silence of the Daylight] –
BRB Music: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time OC ReMix by Benjaipod: “Please, please make it rain…” [Song of Storms] –
Outro Music: Command & Conquer: Red Alert OC Remix by Prince of Darkness: “Hell March to the Apocalypse” [Hell March, HM2] –

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  1. Thank you for playing my game!An achievement for crashing fast into Bae? Thanks for the suggestion, but I think it's enough with the "hit Bae 116 times" achievement. 😆I really enjoyed watching your excitement when talking about the play strategy and seeing you learn how each of the game "parts" work.I laughed so hard when you said "I wish there was a powerup that increases charge speed", since Kaela's powerup actually does that at higher levels but you didn't get it high enough to see it.🤣I'll be honest, I never noticed how sus talking about the banana powerup on stream was. I laughed a lot.🍌You can see each of the hololive member builds when they scored their best distance in the leaderboard I posted on Twitter some months ago. In Kaela's case she was using Lv5 Horizontal boost, Lv5 Kaela bonk and Lv1 Extra slot.Baeless mode requires rewiring your brain as the strat is completely different from Standard. You quickly noticed what's the strat (horizontal spd) and who's the run killer (Mumei). Nice!👍Also, nice observation skills there noticing the Kiara and air item spawn distances! Don't be sorry for identifying these things! It's exciting to see your brain (and chat's) figuring out stuff in realtime.Also, holy moly you got some real high speed in your best Baeless run! The right click on that Mumei would need to be perfectly timed to save you. Spamming sometimes won't work. (This will be easier to pull off in V4 though, as "early" clicks will trigger the bonk) I rewound the video to watch that run again and it was amazing how you had a "bad" start but didn't quit and got that nice result in the end.Oh and the special BGM track will only play in Standard mode if the run lasts over 30 minutes. Considering the average run speed, you'd need to reach a distance of over 20Km before it plays.I admire your determination to keep going at it for so many hours, analyzing every bit of the game and adjusting our strategy with each run. Thank you for sparing me from death. 😆

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