All You Need to Know about Betrayal IO

All You Need to Know about Betrayal IO

Betrayal IO

Betrayal IO is a free social deduction adventure, similar to Among Us in some ways. Its developers from End Game Interactive don’t deny having been inspired by this title. As well as by the card game Werewolf and video toy Town of Salem. Nevertheless, this project is not an ordinary clone. It has a unique code and new features to entertain its players. Let’s have a closer look at what it has to offer. From Toilets to TVs: decoding the nonsensical billiance of skibidi toilet game unconventional animated universe!

About the Creators

About the Creators

Officially released in 2021, the title has been available as a beta version since 2020. The End Game Interactive is a small and young studio. Yang Liu and Luke Zbihlyj founded it in 2018 and had a bright beginning. All because everything started with a huge success.

The first project was made in only 4 weeks and attracted millions of users. Of course, they kept maintaining and scaling the adventure to make it a hit. In 2020, Among Us jumped out from nowhere. And inspired them to develop their own version.

Betrayal IO: General Description

Betrayal IO General Description

Just like in other deduction games, 6-12 other participants are divided into 2 disproportionate groups. The largest consist of crewmates who wander around the map and complete tasks. These are good guys who are threatened by 1 murderer. This person pretends to be like the rest and kills when there is a chance.

Roles are distributed at random, with everyone having a chance to be on both sides. The cartoon-like graphics feature human characters. They have rich customization options, such as clothes, masks, body parts, etc. It makes it easier to remember users and their actions. The agenda remains the same: the killer eliminates people. They, in return, do everything to identify and get rid of the right guy.

The social core is the most important element here. Everyone is using the chat to express their opinion. After which goes the vote and the person with the most “points” gets out.

Outstanding Stuff

Several features are unique and make the gameplay more hooking:

  • New roles. The sheriff collects clues to understand who the criminal is. The jester tries to convince everyone of guilt and wins once banished.
  • Dead characters don’t get kicked out from the round. Instead, they turn into ghosts and fly around through walls and doors.
  • The title offers interesting modes. The Core is classical, while Hide and Seek is something new. It adds a monster, another threat for everyone.
  • Cool maps. It can be a spaceship or old mansion with several floors to explore.
  • An invite link. Compete either with strangers or play online matches with friends.

The Bright Future

The developers are planning to release regular updates with maps and missions. So far, the interest in Betrayal IO doesn’t seem to decrease anytime soon. Check out the 2021 trailer and dive into this best adventure.